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October 2009

“You see to it?”

J. Peter Daniel

“Brother, Pray, God will deliver you from all your problems” – usual statement comes forth from the Christian believers after listening to the problems or issues of person.  It is just like telling indirectly, look after your problems by yourself.   It is easy to wash our hands by pointing towards the direction to God.  It is true to focus the problem to God.  But there are certain times or situations, people come to us with guilt of doing some mistakes or seeking solution for their own problems in their life.  It has to be dealt properly otherwise it will aggravate their problem, sometimes it leads to depression.

In Bible, we see in two occasions the same statement has been used to send the person away by washing their hands.

1. Judas, the betrayer: Matt 27:3-5

Judas was purchased by the chief Priests to execute their schemes.  Planned move of capturing Jesus Christ was worked out beautifully.  So they were very happy. At that moment, Judas went to meet high priest to confess his own sin and guilt.  But the high priest who is in the position of counselling and interceding for others has used Judas just like a disposable cup and uttered the word, “what is that to us?”

The chief priests have forgotten their duties and sent him with his own guilt. He committed suicide.  If the high priest could have counselled him then there might be a change in his life. Many times, just like a high priest we forget to take some time off to counsel others when they are coming to us with a need.   In addition, we are not giving adequate counselling to the people according to their needs.  For this, we need to have closure walk with a Counsellor Jesus Christ who can put His word in our mouth to counsel the counselee.

2. Pilate: Matt 27:24-26

Pilate has tried his level best to release Jesus Christ from the accusation of Jews.  His wife also warned him not to do anything against Jesus Christ.  But he was not able to do so, due to the persistent shouting from high priests.  At last he washed his hands and handed over Jesus Christ to their desires by uttering the same word “You see to it”.

As Christians, we have to stand out for the truth and contend for faith.  Instead, of  we are giving in to the whimsical of the world pressures that leads to give up our values, ethos, vision and mission of God’s calling in our life.

We have to evaluate ourself and see whether we are standing out for the justice or giving up our values to the pressure of this world.

Let us take a stand for Christ, counsel the friends with the help of the counsellor and bring many to His fold.

J. Peter Daniel

Glocal youth vision

Kingdom of Bahrain

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Integration of Maintenance

J. Peter Daniel

A word ‘Maintenance’ is used until the life time of the equipments.  The other related words such as  ‘design’, ‘sales’, ‘purchase’ and ‘Execution’  are for a limited occasion.  For instance, the word ‘sales’ would be used until selling the equipments. The word ‘Execution’ would be used until the completion of the project.  In addition, the maintenance is an integral part of sales, design and Execution.   It should not be segregated or viewed as a separate section.

Maintenance has to be decided during the initial discussion of procuring the equipments.  Some of the companies quote the rate less, when compare with other companies.  But they will catch up with the price of other companies by way of quoting high for spare parts and annual maintenance contract.  At that time, there would be less chance for negotiating or downsizing the cost.

Secondly, the provision for maintaining the equipments  are very important to discuss in the initial stage rather than waiting until handing over the equipments to the maintenance department.  In many occasion, the maintenance department blame the project department for excluding the provision for accessing the units.  To avoid such incidence, we have to involve maintenance personnel up to some extent of sending the equipment drawing to get their opinion about it.  It will surely ease the tension.

Thirdly, the aesthetic look is mostly hiding the need of providing proper provision for maintenance.  The architecture desires for aesthetic look in each and every areas.  For instance, the architectural engineer wanted to keep the light at the centre of the toilet.  The centre point is exactly located at access panel.  It is not possible to install the light.   The option is to reduce the size of the panel or move the light.  In other way, whether we have to think of aesthetic look or maintenance.

Fourthly, the compromise attitude possesses a big problem in later stage.   It starts with squeezing all the services in one small space.  In later stage, it is impossible to unscrew or reach the damage parts in the equipments or pipeline in the shaft.

Fifthly, the provision for  maintenance of unit  is not providing small opening to touch the Unit that is located above the false ceiling.  Actually, the maintenance provision should be given for removing the unit for doing major repair work and also replacing the unit.

Maintenance is integrated with the other related works; “Designing, ‘Procuring” and “execution”.  Maintenance is the centre and the focal point. It portrays the importance of focussing maintenance in each and every stage.  In addition, the design, Purchasing and execution have linked with each other.  It is obvious that the three stages are equally important that has to be focus on maintenance.

—Article Published in Al-Mohandis Issue 50 – Bahrain Society of Engineers Sept. 2009

The Nature of Success

Set Realistic Goals

When I was a freshman in college I learned an unforgettable lesson.

I was having a rough week when there was a lot to do and very little time to do it. I was overwhelmed. I panicked.

That night a friend stopped by my dorm room. When I told him my problem, he said, “Mac, I’ll share something with you that my grandmother told me a few years ago. She said to always remember: ‘Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.’I said, “Bob, here I am drowning in work and your lifeline is a quote from your grandmother. Come on!”

After he left, however, those twelve little words kept dancing in my head. I took out a piece of notebook paper and listed all the things I had to do in the next three days. That night I began knocking them off one by one.

Three days later I took out that paper and marked through the last thing on the list. It felt great! And then I took out another piece of paper and wrote down the words: “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.” I then folded the paper and put it in my wallet. As many of you know, I’ve been collecting quotes ever since.

You see, over the years I’ve learned that success doesn’t come cascading like Niagara Falls; it comes one drop at a time through short-term, realistic goals.

Experts on motivation disagree on a lot of things, but one thing they all agree on is that your levels of motivation are directly tied to your expected probabilities of success. In other words, if you believe you can do something (the goals are realistic), you’re likely to be highly motivated. If, however, you think you can’t (because the goals are unrealistic) your motivation level falls greatly.

The lesson here is to continue to dream big dreams, but realize that the short-term goals that take you to the next plateau are the real keys to success.



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