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October 2008

Radical or Retreat

Keziah was a girl child born to the lovable family of Daniel and Deborah.  The parents enjoyed the development of their child.  They noted down each and every moment of the child’s development in a diary.  Keziah grew up as a normal child. At her second  birthday celebration, parents turned back pages of the diary and read out their writings before the relatives and friends .  It was amazing for them to review the 24 months of their child’s growth.  They found that each stage of the growth has less resemblance to  the previous one.

The internal development is also revealed externally.  The external appearance of a beautiful butterfly comes out from the internal development of the ugly caterpillar.  No one likes the caterpillar. But after its development in to a butterfly, it never goes back to caterpillar stage.

The Christian development is in the radical changes that are in an upward and forward movement.  There is no retreat in  Christian life.  Many a time, a force of gravity acts against and restricts us to move forward.  The emotional hurts of the past, criticisms,  failures of the past, absence of affirmation from the loved ones, stress in office work, politics, gossip etc., makes us to walk in the downward spiral of spiritual life.   The shadows of the past life pull us down from climbing up in our spiritual life.

Let us go to the scripture and find out how we have to move forward in our spiritual life.

A.  Let us go on to perfection Heb. 6:1;

Paul says to Corinthians that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Cor 5:17-18. This is the foundation step for entering into the Christian life.  The laying of the foundation for the building should be one time.  In the same way, going back to elementary principles of Jesus Christ again and again is a mockery of all things become new.  Paul writes in Hebrew 6:1 that the Christian has to move towards the perfection.  The word ‘retreat’ is not in the dictionary of the Christian soldiers.

The college students never go back to the elementary school to study the basics.

1.  One thing we have to do.  Forget what is behind (Phil 3:13).  It includes of our past history, story, hurts, tragedy, bitterness, signification etc.  Jesus Christ never dwells in the past glory or insult or criticism etc.

2.  Moving toward what is ahead, focus our life completely on Jesus Christ.

B.  Let us bear fruits Heb 6:7:

The tree grows upwards and bears fruits.  The fruit is the indication of the quality of the tree. If the fruit is good, then the tree is good and vice versa.  The indication of the Christians moving toward the perfection is bearing good fruit.  The fruit is a blessing of person who is cultivated.  In the same way, Christians should be a blessing to God and to others.

Let us put behind the past, let us bear fruits for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and move forward towards perfection to reach the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

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Global News

Brit churchgoers turn to Internet for dating tips

Monday, 08 September , 2008, 20:57

London: British Christians seems to have lost their touch with women, and are thus going on dating workshops to improve their technique in everything from chat-up lines to body language so that they can hit the right chord with the opposite sex.

The clergy has said that due to falling numbers and lack of experience in relationships, many churchgoers find it difficult to get a partner and are losing personal skills, such as flirting and reading signals.

So, a large number of Christians are increasingly signing up for internet dating sites, like Christian Connections, and attending special courses designed to make them more successful in turning a first date into a long-term relationship

According to Peter Spalton, known as the dating doctor, churchgoers are usually timid and the course can provide them with tips to appear more attractive.

And with the lessons, they would learn how to greet someone, how to hold good eye contact and how to judge whether the other person wants to be kissed at the end of the evening.

“The first meeting is crucial in making or breaking a relationship. The workshops are all about giving people the confidence to make their date a success. They go through the whole process of what is acceptable to talk about and when it is appropriate to try to take things to the next level,” the Telegraph quoted Spalton as saying.

He believes that chat-up lines can turn out to be the key to make someone laugh and feel relaxed, but at times some Christian jokes might not be well received.

According to Christian Connections, one should avoid using one-liners such as “You float my ark” and “I didn’t believe in predestination until tonight”.

Jackie Elton, founder of the agency, said that the number of people using Christian dating sites has doubled over the past year.

“There’s been a massive rise in internet dating sites as Christians are struggling to find a partner in church. They know what they want, but many congregations are too small or have a gender imbalance that makes it really difficult for them. As a result they are not getting the kind of experience they need and that’s why they are turning to the workshops,” she said.

The Rev Richard Cunningham, the director of the University and College Christian Fellowship, said that with the fragmentation of the society, many people now lack the necessary skills to date successfully.

“With the growth of the internet, people are losing social skills we used to take for granted, and have drifted away from being able to read signals,” he said.

Will the world end tomorrow?

Tue, Sep 9 01:30 AM

As physicists get set to recreate the Big Bang, German chemistry professor Otto Rossler predicts that their experiment will actually create a mini black hole that will suck all life and light into it and lead to the end of the world. On Wednesday, somewhere below the French-Swiss border, scientists at CERN (a European organisation for nuclear research) are getting ready to drive two beams of particles into each other at close to the speed of light in a machine called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

This will recreate the Big Bang and answer questions about the origins of life, the universe and everything. Black hole creation Though no one really knows what ‘will’ happen, all sorts of theories of sudden annihilation abound.

CERN’s strongest opponent Otto R and #246;ssler, a German chemistry professor, argues that just as with the Big Bang, this experiment too will create a mini-black-hole, an intense gravitational field that will keep sucking in matter until the entire world, and all its light, is gone. To counter the bad press, a rap video on CERN is doing the rounds on YouTube.

Presumably made by the young scientists of the organisation, the video explains everything related to the project in a fun, literally off-beat way. The hugely popular video reiterates a statement made by CERN Director General Robert Aymar: “The LHC will enable us to study in detail what nature is doing all around us.

The LHC is safe, and any suggestion that it might present a risk is pure fiction.” If Thursday comes And in case you wake up Thursday morning and wonder why doomsday didn’t arrive, the Mayans might have an answer for you.

Hold on for 21-12-2012, which is when the Mayan Calendar comes to an end, because of a presumably catastrophic change. One theory even ties in the R and #246;ssler black hole theory with the end of the Mayan calendar -according to it, the black hole will suck in everything on earth over four-and-a-half years, which is 21-12-2012.

Many websites are dedicated to the Mayan theory, including one called Doomsdayguide.org where a countdown declares 1564 days to go.

If you’re scared stiff, don’t hesitate to check out Survive2012.com.

Student killed by peers outside college :

A young life bubbling with energy and dreams was cut short by his peers whose hands, instead of shaping a bright future for themselves, held fast to deadly weapons. Adding to the dangerously rising incidents of violence among youth and deaths resulting from it, a student of Government College in Sector 1, Panchkula, was brutally done to death by a group of boys from the same college. While Raipurani resident Khushal Sharma, studying in the final year of BA, died of grievous wounds after the attack with sharp-edged weapons near the college main gate, his friends Arun and Sunny were also badly injured in the assault. While they are both admitted in General Hospital-Sector 6, Arun’s condition is said to be critical. According to sources, the victims were given a wild chase from the college gate by the accused armed with knives, iron rods and sticks before quickly catching up with the helpless boys at a nearby bus-stand. Ironically, the scene of crime was at a walking distance from the college and only half a kilometre away from the mini-secretariat that houses the offices of the DC and Panchkula SP. Apparently learning about the incident from the media, RC Goyal, principal of government college, Panchkula, said, “It’s a very sad and tragic incident. Nothing of this sort ever happened on the college premises earlier.” He appeared absolutely clueless about any animosity among his students. (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/Panchkula_student_killed_by_peers/articleshow/3535620.cms accessed on 28 September 2008) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com

Man offers eyes to god:

In a case fit to the religious fervour and blind belief, 40 year old Mudukappa Karadi removed both his eyeballs to ‘appease’ God. Mudukappa had caught the attention by removing his right eyeball and placing it in front of the Shankaraiajja math recently in Adagal village of Badami taluk.  He had been undergoing treatment at Kumareshwar Hospital in the city.  All of a sudden, he removed his left eyeball also early morning on Tuesday. Attempts made by the doctors and relatives to stop him failed to bear any fruits. Various speculations are being made about his abnormal behaviour in the village. The villagers say that Mudukappa never used to mingle with others and often danced in rapture claiming that spirit of God has entered his body.  Several people of the village including Gram Panchayat president and few members justify his behaviour which reflects the prevalence of illiteracy and lack of awareness among them. Belonged to Kuruba community, Mudukappa is a poor farmer with five acres of barren land and eight children. He has been struggling to make his both ends meet. “Shankraiajja had been coming in my dream since last fortnight and demanded my eyes. I am unaware of how the eyeballs were removed”, Mudukappa claimed.  His statements to ‘offer’ other parts of his body to the God have raised panic among the doctors. Doctors operating on him are facing stiff resistance from his wife Hanumavva and other members of the family who

are strongly supporting his blind belief.

(http://www.deccan.com/chennaichronicle/Nation/NationalNews.asp#Mobiles%20turn%20saviour accessed on 3rd September 2008) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com

Market full of gods:

The 200 crore Akshardham Temple in Delhi is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest Hindu temple, which gets more than 70000 visitors every week.  Rs. 27 crore was Siddhivinayak temple’s annual revenue in 2006-2007.  40-45 per cent of the music market of Hungama Mobile, a service provider, is in the religion segment.  30 per cent of Lladro’s topline sales is in the religious segment.  Reserve price of a Ganesh idol in Adventurine at a Ma Passion auction: Rs. 25 lakh.  30-40 music companies in Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna and Ranchi sell devotional CDs and cassettes.  Rs. 2 crore was the online donations made to Mata VAishno Devi temple.  Rs. 474 crore is its annual revenue.  Most movie goers prefer spiritual entertainment to preaching.  (Jisha Krishnan, The Week, 28 September 2008, p. 64-67) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com

Good, Better, Best:

30% of students on the top 50 business schools are women.  20% of the top business schools charge a fee from companies coming for campus recruitment.  53% of students in the top 50 Business schools came from engineering background and 21% were from the commerce stream. The top 10 Goverernment B-schools are:  IIM Ahmedabad, IIM, Lucknow, IIM, Indore, NITIE, Mumbai, FMS, Delhi, IIFT, Delhi, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, JBIMS, Mumbai, IRMA, Anand, IHMR, Jaipur.  Top 10 private schools:  XLRI, Jamshedpur, SP Jani, Mumbai, XIM, Bhubaneswar, IMT, Ghaziabad, MDI, Gurgaon, IMI, Delhi, NMIMS, Mumbai, Symbiosis, Pune and SJ Somaiya, Mumbai.(Sunit Arora, Outlook, 29 September 2008, p. 36-50) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com

UK opens first state-funded Hindu school:

Britain‘s first state-funded Hindu school opened its doors to its first batch of 23 students. – aged four to five years – started their term in a temporary building. For the one million strong Hindu community in Britain, this school is a significant step. Admission to the school will require a referral from a local temple to ensure that priority is given to practicing Hindu families. The students will study the national curriculum, but Hindu ethos and philosophy will be included into all aspects of teaching. Students will have yoga and meditation classes as well as lessons on the Bhagwad Gita. There are sceptics who say faith schools are divisive. But Britain has over 6,500 faith schools of which a large majority are Church of England and Roman Catholic schools. There are plans to open another Hindu school in Leicester in the near future. (Akanksha Banerji,http://www.ibnlive.com/news/uk-opens-first-statefunded-hindu-school/73660-2.html accessed on 16 September 2008) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com

Workers spend 600 hrs ogling at colleagues:

A new survey of office-goers in Britain has thrown up stunning statistics. Office workers in Britain spend around 600 hours ogling at a colleague they have a crush on, the survey has revealed. According to the study, office staffs spend almost 60,000 hours sitting at their office desk during their career. And they do a lot of things during the career to break monotony and to maintain some semblance of order. During the entire period, they drink nearly 32,000 cups of tea or coffee and make about 110,000 phone calls, reports the Sun. And two out of five employees end up in bed with their workmates, the study found. So much for mixing work with pleasure! They will also write 50,000 lists of things to do over the years, receive more than 320,000 emails and have 13 job interviews. That is a lot of ambition and literary pursuit to have. To reach the results, a total of 1,200 workers were polled.

(http://www.ibnlive.com/news/workers-spend-600-hrs-ogling-at-colleagues/72429-19.html accessed on 29 August 2008) http://www.glocalleadersnetwork.com



September 2008


A mother of a new born child likes to play with her child by touching its palm to see how the tender finger slowly closes to grip the mother’s pointing finger.  This gives a warm experience to both the child and mother.  A neonate doctors also check the holding capacity of the infant and to find out the movement of the child. Holding on to something is the nature of human being.  The absorbing / holding on to something are the characteristics of sponge.

These characteristics have penetrated into the lives Christian believers.  Recently, one of the pastors explained how powerfully the Word of God came through Elijah’s miracle (I Kings 17:16 )in the widow’s house and then explained Luke 5 1-7 about the miracle of fish by Jesus’ powerful words.  He abruptly switched over to another incident without explaining remaining verses in Luke 5:8-10.  In the 10th verse, God’s powerful word was calling Peter to follow Him.  His word operated in His life.  So, he left the fish, net, boat (Profession), parents, relatives, society, place and went after Him.  The pastors are using God’s Word for blessings and not for challenging to follow Him.

Peter took a stand of forsaking the blessings and cleaves to the source of blessing Jesus Christ.  His first love for God had a tremendous testimony.  But in the Matt. 19:27, He asked Jesus about the profit of following Him after leaving behind all the stuff.  The sponge characteristics popped up then and there to affect the Christian’s life.  God gave a reply to him which restored him to the main stream.

At last, Peter became strong after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In Acts 5th chapter, people bring their propriety and money and place them under his feet.  He didn’t touch even a single penny for his own use. Instead he constituted a seven member (Acts.6:3) committee to look after this.  He concentrated on preaching and teaching the Gospel.

In Acts 3, Peter testified to the crippled beggar that He has nothing except Jesus Christ which made the beggar to walk.

Today, the church congregation / pastors / lay preachers /T.V. Evangelists have all resources whereas Peter did not have any of them.  But they don’t have what Peter had in his life.

Just like Peter, let us forsake the characteristics of sponge – absorbing only blessings but  lean on to source of blessing Jesus Christ and proclaim Him to this world.

J. Peter Daniel M.E., 76, Living Spring Avenue, Sanjeevipuram, Bagayam,

Vellore 632 – 002, Phone. 0416 2260066, 09443800395.

email: peterpearline@yahoo.co.in, Peterpearline@gmail.com

Global News

Bible with Indian flavour is a hit

Ketki Angre

Wednesday, July 30, 2008, (Mumbai)

Lakhs of Christians in India have been following the teachings of the Bible for generations. But now for the first time, the holy book has made an appearance in an Indian avatar. All this in an attempt to help Indian Christians understand the Bible better.

A prayer service in Marathi at a chapel in Vasai outside Mumbai in an area that has a majority of Christian fisherfolk or ‘kolis’ comes across as a surprise for some, and a routine for others.

These villagers, who converted to Christianity generations ago, are now happy their culture is finding a resonance in the scripture.

“The latest edition of the Bible in India now has a distinctly Indian flavour. The Virgin Mary clad in a sari, or even the flight to Egypt depicted in pictures with clear Indian imprint,” says Cardinal Oswald Gracious, the Archbishop of Mumbai.

There are 27 such typical Indian sketches besides footnotes that refer to the Indian scriptures for easy understanding.  It’s a work that took 18 years to accomplish and has been inspired by similar attempts in countries like the Phillipines. “All our prayer services are in Marathi. Now that Virgin Mary’s picture is also depicted in our clothes, that makes us feel nice,” says Janu Peter Patil, a fisherwoman from Vasai.

Another resident of Vasai, Marisina Jonathan Patil, adds: “We already read the Bible the Marathi, now its like our scriptures are coming closer to us.” The new edition has sold 30,000 copies in its first week and gone in for a reprint.

The Bishop of Vasai, Thomas Dabre, says, “In today’s materialistic world, its not possible to follow the true Christian way of life. The Church here cannot ignore the cultural similarities. This edition is an affirmation of that.

Orthodox Christians are not impressed, though. They feel the Bible should remain untouched. But for villagers like them, efforts like these only reaffirm a way of life they’ve been following for generations.

Tobacco Products:

Ramadoss, too, made this clear recently. “We have seen a recent WHO survey, which shows that 41.2 per cent children in Indian school tend to use tobacco products,” he said


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