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July 2008


A horse rider uses a leather eye-patch sewn to the side of the halter which prevents a horse from distracted.   It helps the rider to guide the horse in accordance to his will.  The leather piece used for this purpose is called blinker.

Today, many cult groups / Pastors / so called evangelists use blinkers to prevent the sheep from going away from their folds. Many teachings against marriage propagating celibacy,  treat your spouse as a sister or brother, teachings against sporting a  mustache / wearing of jewels / propagating unkempt hair under the pretext of not conforming to the world, prosperity theology – blessings, positive confession – Humanistic psychology, etc. These trivial matters have become a leather eye patch blocking our vision to hide the need around us.  This attitude may damage our spiritual life and cause us to loose the purpose of being in this world to do God’s will.

Let us see some of the examples who have used the blinker in their eyes.

A. Esther uses a ‘Blinker’:

Esther was a captive from Jerusalem, living in Persia (India to Ethopia) as a refugee.  She was also an orphan but God had brought her up through Morcedai her uncle. God lifted her up from a small place to the king’s palace after the ousting of Queen Vaisthi for her disobedience to the king.  The blessings of God had become an eye patch and made her unable to see the things distant to her room.   She was not aware of things going against her and community even though she was at a strategic point of origin of the law.  She was unable to see the happenings inside and outside the palace.

The silence of Esther showed that she was wearing blinkers on her eyes. For removing the blinker, Morecdai had to send a severe warning message regarding the threat to Jews community by Hammam, prime minister through Hathach.   Esther woke up after hearing the strong word from her uncle.

In our life also, we are sleeping or pretending to sleep when the need of the people is brought to us..  We are unable to open our eyes to see the things out of our box as God sees.

B Disciple uses a ‘Blinker’:

Jesus was speaking with a woman about the living water. At the time, disciples had gone to procure food for Jesus.  When they returned back they offered the food. But Jesus said that he had food which the disciples didn’t know. Jesus meant the food means doing the will of God.  His will is to preach the Gospel to the world.

The disciple’s eyes were on the physical food instead of spiritual food which Jesus saw differently.   After this incidence, Jesus commanded them to open their eyes to see the need in and around the world.

Let us remove the blinker from our eyes and open to see the need in and around the world.  Jesus is coming soon. So we need to think about preaching the gospel at every nook and corner of the world.

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Global News

Gays, lesbians take to the streets

In a rare display of unity, hundreds of gays and lesbians on Sunday paraded the streets of Delhi, Kolkota and Bangalore, pressing for changes in the law to end their stigma and discrimination.

Dressed in colourful clothes and adorned with tattooes and body piercings, the marchers shouted slogans against Section 377 of the IPC which defines un-natural sexual practices and announced their sexual preferences in the forms of gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders.

The marchers participating in the “Delhi Queer Pride 2008” rally, the first of its kind here, walked for an hour from Barakhamba Road to Jantar Mantar in the heart of Delhi.

In Kolkata, lesbians, gays and transexuals marched through the streets from College Square to Esplanade East on a ‘Rainbow Pride Walk’ watched by milling Sunday crowds.

Sunday’s marches were the first display of gay pride in Delhi and Bangalore.

“This pride march has got a historical connection. Same day in year 1969, police in New York raided a gay bar called Stonewll Inn, as they humiliated and even arrested the people present in the bar. But the people, showing rare courage for the first time, protested”, Shayani Mullick, a gay rights activist, said.

Dancing to drum beats, drag queens (men dressed in womens clothes) and others wearing “masks” carried a large “rainbow” flag while they held placards reading — Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai Hetero Homo Bhai Bhai, Proud to be queer, be thyself love thyself and 377 leave India.

Honk once for ‘I do’
27 Jun 2008 REUTERS

STOCKHOLM: The Church of Sweden will carry out drive-in weddings lasting about seven minutes at a car rally next month in a bid to make marriage more accessible, it said on Thursday.

Undaunted by soaring fuel prices, 36 couples have applied to get married at a gathering of auto enthusiasts in Vasteras in central Sweden , said priest Jerker Asterlund, the scheme’s initiator. “Weddings are getting more and more commercialized and that is not something we have any interest in. We would like to make things simpler and more down to earth when people take the plunge and get married,” he said. “This is not just for fun, but also a way for the Church of Sweden to show we can take part in celebration and happiness and not just in crisis and catastrophes,” he said.

The wedding ceremonies will be carried by 10 priests alongside the focal point of the auto gathering, a motorcade of 1950s and 1960s cars.

Agra teenager breaks Guinness record

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Agra: Fourteen-year-old Aakash Gupta from this Taj Mahal city on Tuesday strummed his way into the Guinness Book of Records as he played the guitar non-stop for 53 hours.

Aakash broke the previous record of 44 hours held by American Brian Engelhart, Guinness Book of Records representative Reilf Hann said.

The Class IX student of St Peter’s began his marathon act on Sunday morning with permissible short breaks.

Hann presented a Guinness Book of Records certificate to Aakash after he broke the record at 6:31 am but continued to play it till he was surpassed his Limca Book of Records time of 53 hours. He stopped at 3:30 pm.

Aakash holds his mother Chayya Gupta as his source of inspiration and wants to become an engineer.

Thief nabbed sleeping on the job

30 Jun 2008, AFP

BOGOTA: A Colombian thief surprised by a home owner’s return hid inside a closet and fell fast asleep until he was discovered and arrested on Sunday, police in the port city of Barranquilla said.

The 24-year-old delinquent bored his way through a wall to get inside the house in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday, and police chief Oscar Gamboa surmised the physical effort and the late hour likely contributed to the thief’s exhaustion.

“It looks like he was overwhelmed by sleep,” Gamboa said, adding that when the owner of the house in the morning discovered the robbery and checked around the house to see what was missing, he found the burglar sleeping with his booty in a closet.

Gamboa said the owner, while waiting for police to show up, had to protect the thief from a neighbourhood lynching party.

Students can now work for 2 years in UK

29 Jun 2008, 0316 hrs IST,PTI

LONDON: Indian students in British universities can now work in the UK for two years after completing their courses, instead of one year as allowed earlier.

Starting from Monday, students can seek employment for up to two years under Tier 1 of the Points-Based System introduced by the government earlier this year to replace the International Graduate Scheme.

The new scheme will allow Indian and other international students to work and earn their own money after completing studies instead of seeking a sponsor or a work permit, sources said.

The British government also announced that from Monday, Tier 1 of the PBS will be extended to include entrepreneurs and investors.

IITs blame Internet for suicides

30 Jun 2008, 0918 hrs IST,IANS

LUCKNOW: The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) has blamed enormous Internet surfing and constant use of mobile phones by the students for increasing number of suicides on the campus, officials said.

In a reply to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed June 2 by the institute’s alumni association, the premier institute said that as students are in regular touch with their family members, friends and relatives, several thoughts occupy them.

This in turn, at times, disturbs the students, who do not get peaceful time to study. And later, they take the extreme step for not performing well in the exams..

Earlier, when the mobile phones were not so popular, the students were not able to stay in touch with their families and hence got time to study, officials said.

Also, Internet surfing exposes the students to several sites having information that can cause a negative impact on the minds, leading students to suicides, officials added.

In another reply about the number of suicides, IIT-K said that till date six students of the institute have committed suicide.

Omendra Bharat, an IIT alumni, filed the RTI application to seek information on 14 issues, including the academic norms fixed for preparing the semester result of the students.

The RTI application was filed following the suicide by a student, Ritika Toya Chatterjee.

She killed herself May 30 after she failed in two of her final semester exams, despite having offers to join any of the six Indian Institutes of Management.

“Information regarding the semester grading of students and Ritika’s grading is still to be provided along with the reply of twelve other questions we filed through RTI,” said Bharat.

iPorn turning iPhone into smut toy

The new 3G iPhone has taken the world by a storm. With its strikingly different features compared with other wireless handhelds in the market, Apple’s latest entrant is creating buzz all around.

But for those of you tired of the self-anointed telecom experts beating the drum about new iPhone’s attractive low price tag, new rich features, remarkably improved navigation system and the 3G Web experience, here’s something else that you might be reading for the first time: porn friendliness!

Now, experts surely won’t tell you about the potential of this handheld jewel, but the seamy side of the beautiful gizmo is not lost on people globally, many of whom are busy fast reducing iPhone to iPorn!

The technological feats of the 3G iPhone – once in news for innovations and uniqueness – are now being accredited for the emergence of pornucopia!

With several leading porn players getting their content ready for the new version of Apple’s device, the reality of this potential is already making the smut world sit up and take note.

Mobile porn so far has consisted largely of still images, racy text services and sultry-sounding ring tones. There is an active market for video chatting at various places across the globe; users pay about Rs 2,000 a month to exchange dirty messages with actresses. But there are indications iPorn may be a different ballgame altogether!

UK kids get degrees by ‘Desi jugaad’

20 Jun 2008, PTI

LONDON: British students are using Indian expertise in information technology to complete their course assignments by posting them on outsourcing websites and buying the completed coursework.

Called “contract cheating” in academic circles, lecturers in computing department in universities are in a tizzy since such coursework is of high quality and difficult to detect through normal plagiarism detection software.

The students pay amounts ranging from 5 to 50 pounds for the completed coursework that they then pass off as their own work and gain their degrees.

The trend is particularly seen in IT courses, in which students need to write programmes.
The students use legitimate websites normally used by business, offering freelance project work or tutorial sites specifically set up for the purpose.

India and Romania are popular destinations where such assignments are completed for a fee. IT professionals bid to complete the assignments and British students who post them then select the lowest bid.

The phenomenon was detected by Thomas Lancaster and Robert Clarke, lecturers at the Birmingham City University’s Department of Computing.

“India is a common one. People can speak English there. Businesses are off-shoring their call centres to India so there is a connection. The money someone will pay in this country is very good pay over there,” Lancaster said.

According to Clarke, students are paying for their work to be done by professionals over the Web.

“Previous research Thomas and I have conducted has shown over 12 per cent of postings on a popular website for outsourcing computer contract work were actually bid requests from students looking to attempt contract cheating,” he said.


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